Single Point Mooring

Riverlake Solutions is one of the very few independent companies, next to the SPM construction companies, that has experience with SPM’s and CBM’s.

Most terminal operators are used to work in ports. Ships are moored at jetties in a safe harbour, well protected from wind, waves and currents. But that is not the only way to load or discharge tankers. Single Point Mooring (SPM) Systems or Conventional Buoy Mooring (CBM) systems are used all over the world to facilitate even the largest tankers. They are connected to the terminal by subsea pipelines, often a few kilometres long. It seems simple, but it certainly is not. What are the conditions at the planned location? Is it sheltered? What are the weather and wave conditions? Should we choose an SPM or a CBM system? What does it cost? Not only to install (most often cheaper than building a new jetty or even a new port) but also to operate.

We know the answers. We have assisted numerous customers with our consultancy services that enables them to develop, engineer, procure, operate and maintain an appropriate tanker mooring system. We develop the concept, we manage the naval studies and the engineering, we tender the construction and delivery and we can setup the operations by providing you the required tug, small work boat and diving crew.

Some of us have been in the SPM business on the supplier or operations side since they started their working career. We operated them, we sold them, we constructed them, and we installed them. All prior to joining the Riverlake crew. There are not that many engineering companies or consultants around that can provide hands-on experience with SPM’s. It means we can assist you and help avoiding high unnecessary extra cost when you go to a supplier. So…try consulting Riverlake Solutions first and bring us at your side. We have the experience to bring your negotiating position at par for the perfect system tailored to your needs.

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Riverlake Terminals, Riverlake SPM and Riverlake Offshore Support Vessels are branches of Riverlake Solutions, which is an independent subsidiary of the Riverlake Group.